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Stud Service


Tegan Park Neptune was born April 2, 2002. He is a gorgeous chalk, fleece coat, multigenerational labradoodle. At 20 inches and 40 pounds, he is a true medium-sized dog. Neptune is a proven stud and a chocolate carrier.

Eager to make friends with everyone, Neptune has a friendly, outgoing personality. He has been certified as a therapy dog by the Delta Society and is a Canine Good Citizen.

Neptune is a proven sire.

Health Tests: CERF, BVA, PennHip, Elbows



Sierra Vista's Pluto is a medium, wool-coated, cafe' multi-generational labradoodle. His mother is Tegan Park Irish Sunrise and his sire is Tegan Park Koby. He is Vetgen bbEe carrying chocolate and cream. He weighs 40 pounds and is 21 inches tall. He is a proven sire.

Health Tests: CERF, PennHip



Zorro is a beautiful F1B goldendoodle from English Golden Retriever stock with a number of champions in his lines. He comes to us from New Life Labradoodles. Zorro has very tight hips, a superb coat, and a gentle personality. He is a standard at 22 inches and 50 pounds.

Health tests: PennHip, elbows

Zorro lying on the ground smiling



MaJoie Mars Rover is our wonderful miniature red poodle. Sweet tempered and mellow, his favorite activity is cuddling on your shoulder. Mars weighs about 13 pounds and stands 12 inches. He is a proven sire.

Health Tests: PennHip, CERF, Elbows, Patellas, vWD, thyroid


Our Services

We offer stud service through Artificial Insemination (AI) only. Through the International Canine Semen Bank (ICSB) we will ship fresh chilled semen directly to your veterinarian's clinic. ICSB collects and certifies each shipment they send along with a sperm count.

AI has many advantages over “natural breeding”:

  • Location does not limit stud choices.
  • Bitch owners do not incur the costs or risks associated with shipping their valuable breeding stock
  • It reduces the logistical nightmare of both determining the optimal breeding time, while at the same time rushing to arrange travel plans for your dog.
  • AI can be performed by the vet of your choice under your observation

Interested breeders should contact us. We require pedigree, appropriate hip clearance (OFA, PennHip or BVA), current CERF certificate or PRA-DNA certificate, and current health certificate. Please contact us for more details.

How does AI work?

  1. You and your veterinarian determine the appropriate timing for insemination of your bitch. One tool to more accurately determine the most fertile time to inseminate is progesterone testing. This is strongly recommended.
  2. Upon determining your bitch's readiness to inseminate, you contact us for your delivery. Our stud will then be taken to ICSB for collection and the specimen will be sent to your veterinarian overnight in an appropriate storage container.
  3. Your bitch is inseminated by your vet. You will receive two deliveries 48 hours apart.
  4. Sit back, wait and think good puppy thoughts!


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