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Our Female Labradoodles:




Yes, Charlie is a girl ; )...and a gorgeous one. A beautiful apricot, Charlie is 33lbs with a lovely fleece, non-shedding coat. Charlie just passed all of her health testing and is joining our breeding team. She will be the mom to our medium (30-40lbs) Multigenerational Labradoodles. She was recently bred with Percy for a litter of mediums. We expect beautiful pups in both conformation and temperament from these two parents





Marley (Sierra Vista's Sally Ride) is a beautiful cream colored, wavy fleece doodle with gorgeous amber-colored eyes. Marley is a small standard (48lbs) with a low-no shedding, allergy-friendly coat. She is smart, friendly, affectionate....and completely addicted to tennis balls. In fact, in this picture, she is sitting as patiently as she is able....staring at the tennis ball that I am holding as I snap this shot. She definitely favors her retirever side of the family in this regard.

Marley lives with Adrienne in Fair Oaks




Sierra Vista's Gracie is an adorable apricot cream doodle who's favorite sports include frisbee and tennis ball retrieving. Gracie likes everyone she meets (human, caniine or feline). A classic medium at 33lbs, Gracie has a beautiful low-no shedding fleece coat and an ever wagging tail. Gracie's first litter is planned for the Summer of 2017

Gracie lives with Carl and Becky in Davis



Sierra Vista's Mavis is a gorgeous apricot Multigenerational Labradoodle with a low-no shedding, allergy-friendly fleece coat. Weighing in at 30lbs she is on the small end of "medium". A lover of the great outdoors, Mavis is always up for a walk! She is a born athelete who has yet to find a squirrel that she hasn't wanted to chase. When she's not visiting with the neighborhood wildlife she is a big fan of riding in her family's golf cart.

Mavis lives with Doris and Jerry in Rio Vista.



Sierra Vista's Planetary Orbit (Orly) is a medium (33lbs) with a low-no shedding, wavy fleece coat. Her guardian describes her as: "A total people dog who also likes other dogs and cats. She likes to play hard. Ball is her favorite sport, she's very athletic. She's very smart and of course, very cute."

Orly will have her first litter in the Summer of 2017

Orly lives with Suzanne in Sacramento





Sierra Vista's Super Nova (call name "Peaches") has a gorgeous cream fleece, low-no shedding, allergy friendly coat. Once she sets her gentle amber eyes on you, Peaches is determined to make you her friend. She is a sweet tempered, smart girl who will be having her first litter for us in the Summer of 2017.



Peaches lives with Lauren in Sacramento


Quin (Sierra Vista's Quasar) is one of our up and coming new Moms. Quin's Parents are our own Maggie (Sierra Vista's Nebula) and Country Labradoodles' Charlie. Quin gets her gorgeous chocolate coloring from both of her parents. Quin is a classic medium at 30lbs and has a low-no shedding, allergy friendly coat.



Quin lives with Claudette in Sacramento




Our Male Labradoodles:




Sierra Vista's Amico is a handsome dark chocolate Multigenerational Labradoodle. He is medium (35;bs) with a curly fleece, low-no shedding, allergy-friendly coat. A full sibling to Quin (above) his parents are Sierra Vista's Maggie and Country Labradoodles' Charlie. We are excited to be expanding our chocolate lines and Amico is just the guy to help us do that!

Amico is available for stud service

Amico lives with Kristin and Ben in Sacramento


Galileo (Dakota)

Sierra Vista's Galileo (call name "Dakota") is a medium (18", 30lbs) multigenerational labradoodle from both Australian and American labradoodle lines. His parents are California Ozzie and Spring Creek's Callisto. Dakota has a gorgeous red fleece, low-no shedding, allergy friendly coat. He is one of the sires of our medium and mini multigen

s labradoodles.

Dakota is available for stud service.

Dakota lives in Davis with Jennifer, Kelly and family







Sierra Vista's Maximum Entropy ("Max") lives up to his name in that he is a nice "chunky" medium. At 38lbs Max is a solid boy who's build is reminiscent of his Lab ancestors. Max is a 10th generation Labradoodle with both Australian and American Labradoodles in his lineage. He has a lovelylow-no shedding, wavy fleece coat. Max is a sweet boy who enjoys long walks on the beach with his family.

Max lives with Eliana and Gabe in Davis



Triton (Cooper)

Sierra Vista's Neptune's Triton (call name "Cooper") is a handsome Australian Labradoodle who bears a strong resemblance to his grandfather, Neptune. At 19" and 38lbs Triton is a classic medium. Triton's friendly personality and good manners impress all who meet him. Triton will be the sire for our up-coming medium multigen litters in the Fall of 2011.

Triton is available for stud service.

Triton lives with Cindy and Tom in Woodland







Sierra Vista's Persius (Percy) is our newest Multigenerational Labradoodle stud. He has a gorgeous cream coat with apricot ears. His parents are Sierra Vista's Scarlett and Country Labradoodles Rocket Man. He is medium (35lbs) and carries a variety of colors (cream, chocolate, apricot, black/silver and parti). We look forward to see his pups in the upcoming months.

Percy lives with Dan in Davis


Our "Guest" Studs:

From time to time we hire studs from outside of our breeding program in order to enhance certain qualities or characteristics that we are looking for. Below you will find boys who we have hired to sire our upcoming litters of doodles:



Owned by Gabby Jack Ranch Labradoodles, Bentley is actually the son of our "Dakota". Just like his dad, Bentley has a fantastic low-no shedding wavy fleece coat. Bentley is a dapper young doodle who wears a variety of different kerchiefs as he attends sporting events around town that feature his young human family members. Not content just being a spectator, Bentley enjoys a good game of ball himself. Bentley is a medium weighing in at 35lbs.

Bentley lives with Cindy in Yuba City.



Our Female Goldendoodles:






Sierra Vista's Kylie is a small Standard (52lbs) English Cream Goldendoodle. Kylie comes from our therapy line of goldendoodles (one of her aunts and 2 of her cousins are currently working as therapy/service dogs. Kylie is as smart as she is gentle. Kylie has a gorgeous, low-no shedding, allergy friendly coat. We look forward to welcoming her first litter in the Spring of 2017!



Sierra Vista's Maia is a mini, second generation (F1B) English Cream Goldendoodle. Weighing in at 22lbs, Maia is a pint-sized doodle and the daughter of Juno and Mars. Maia begins and ends each day with a smile on her face. She is one of those dogs that always wants to be in the middle of the action. If your playing ball, she is there. If you are watching TV, she wants to be on your lap. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Maia will be the mom of our medium Double Doodles in the Spring of 2014.







Sierra Vista's Rosalita is a mini multigenerational Goldendoodle. Weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds, Rose is a lot of love and affection in a small package. Her parents are our Lola and Safari's Artful Dodger. Rose has a beauriful curly fleece, low-no shedding, allergy-friendly coat. She will be the mom of our upcoming litter of Double Doodles.



Sierra Vista's Sif is seond generation Double Doodle. As you can see she bears a great resemblance to her Golden Retreiver ancestors. She is, what we breeders call, a "throwback" meaning that she has the phenotype of an earlier generation of retreivers but the genotype of a typical doodle. Sif will help to balance out the amount of poodle that we have in our lines. At 30lbs, Sif straddles the line between mini and medium. We hope to welcome her first litter of Double Doodles in the Summer of 2017.

Sif lives with Susan in Sacramento.



Our Male Goldendoodles:



Kipper's guardian family runs an in-home day care where he serves as a living breathing teddy-bear for the toddlers in attendance. His is completely kid-proof...patient, sweet natured and in-general a love-sponge. He also "moonlights" as one of our studs. Kipper will be the dad to our up-coming goldendoodle and "Double Doodle" (50% goldendoodle/50% labradoodle) litters. He is 27lbs and 17 inches tall.

In addition to having a sweet face, Kipper has excellent form and conformation (see below). He has a low-no shedding fleece coat that is simply gorgeous! Kipper is available for stud service.

Kipper lives in Davis with Dave and Leslie

kipper in motion



Sierra Vista's Titan (call name "Pluto") is a handsome first cross (F1) English Cream Goldendoodle. At 60lbs he is a sturdy boy who is often found carrying a tennis ball up to whomever he can persuade to throw if for him. Sweet, gentle and mellow are the words that most people use to describe Pluto.

Pluto lives with Seth, Donna, Lindsey and Emily in Oakland.





* Our Guardian Family Program

Sierra Vista Labradoodles and Goldendoodles is a small breeding program dedicated to breeding great family dogs. Our dogs live and sleep in our house with our family. They are involved in our daily life and our community. We believe that all dogs deserve to be a part of their own family and to live within a loving home where they will receive the care and attention they need. As we expand our breeding program we will be in search of families or individuals who are willing to serve as guardian homes for one of our breeding dogs.

What is a Guardian Family?

A guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for a Sierra Vista breeding Labradoodle or Goldendoodles throughout his/her breeding career. In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family when the dog is retired from his/her breeding career.

What are the requirements for becoming a Guardian Family?

Guardian families must:

  • live within a 75 mile radius of Sierra Vista Labradoodles (Davis CA),
  • have a home with a fenced-in yard,
  • have prior experience owning/raising/training a puppy/dog,
  • understand the issues involved with caring for an intact male or female and be willing to assume those responsibilities,
  • be willing to have the dog return to us as needed throughout the year to be brought in for veterinary appointments, be bred, give birth and raise puppies. Female breeders will stay with us for approximately 2 months following the birth of their litter.
  • be willing to be actively involved in communicating with us regarding the general health and well being of the dog.

If you are interested in Guardian Family program, please contact us at . We will ask you to fill out an application. Qualified applicants will be contacted to arrange for an interview. We want Guardian Families to have a chance to fully understand what raising a breeding dog entails. In turn, we do a thorough screening of each Guardian Home to ensure the best placement possible for each of our dogs.




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