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Payment options
Deposit for puppy $250.00 USD
Double Doodle-balance $1,750.00 USD
Goldendoodle-balance $1,750.00 USD
MG Labradoodle-balance $2,250.00 USD

We are currently experiencing what I and many of my breeding colleagues are referring to as the "covid phenomenom". Since the "stay in place" orders were issued in March we have been innundated with email and phone inquiries. It makes sense of course, since so many folks have been working from home, in many ways this is an ideal time to consider getting a pup.

I am attempting to respond to all inquiries. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see puppies in our upcoming scheduled ultrasounds (see dates below).

Please bear in mind that we suspect that we will not be able fulfill all requests/inquiries in these anticipated litters. If we don't have enough spaces on our anticipated litters, we do hope to offer more pups as some of our other moms go into heat in the next few months. We look forward to working with you to find the right doodle for your family.

Thank you for your patience,

Gen McGarvey

September 2020



Adopting a Puppy

If you are interested in purchasing one of our pups please:

1. Fill out our "On line Puppy Application" (found in the upper left hand margin of this page).

2. Indicate which litter is of interest to you (see litter lists below).

3. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound, we will post a notice on this page of our website. At that point, you can secure your place on the wait list by placing a $250 deposit either through Paypal (see left hand margin). Please do not send a deposit before we have opened up the waitlist. The order in which puppies are chosen is determined by your place on the wait list. Deposits are non-refundable, however, they can be transferred on to future litter wait lists.

4. Please bear in mind that some spaces on new litters have been reserved by customers who have moved on to the list after having been on previous litter waitlists. If we are not able to provide folks with the gender/color of pup that they want we give them the option of moving their deposit on to a future list before we open the list up to the general public. This is why some of our newly confirmed litters already have spaces accounted for before we even announce a confirmed pregnancy.


Confirmed Litters:

Type of Litter

Parents (size/colors)


Due Date
Pups available to go to their new home:  

Status of List




Witten and Murphy

Medium - Small Standard 35-50lbs


Pups born September 30th
Late November 2020

Waitlist Full


Echo and Murphy

Mediums 30-40lbs



Pups born October 1st
Late November 2020

Waitlist Full

Multigenerational Labradoodles

Phoenix & Rocky

Medium - Standard (35-50lbs)


November 2, 2020
Late December/Early January

Waitlist full

Multigenerational Labradoodles

Mavis & Rocky

Medium- Standard (35-50lbs)


November 4, 2020
Late December/Early January
Pregnancy confirmed, however,WAITLIST IS FULL from clients on our deferred deposit list. If Mavis has a larger than antipated litter we will re-open the list.




Planned Litters (2020):

Below is a list of anticipated breedings for the next 6 months. Unless noted, expected dates of birth are all approximate as female dogs' heat cycles/pregnancies can vary greatly.

We are still making decisions regarding the specific pairings for additional upcoming litters. Once we have determined which dogs we will breed together we will post that information on this page.

Once we confirm a pregnancy by ultrasound we will open up that waitlist for deposits. Please do not send a deposit in before the waitlist is officially opened. Deposits that arrive before we open the waitlist will be returned. Thank you.


Type of Litter

Parents (size/colors)


Approximate time of breeding
Date for Ultrasound

Status of List  



We hope to offer Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and DoubleDoodles in 2021.

Watch this space for more details as breedings take place




Goldendoodles - $2500

Double Doodles (50% labradoodle/50% goldendoodle) $2500

Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles - $2500

(California residents are subject to a 7.75% sales tax). Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in purchasing breeding stock, please contact us at for more information.

Included in the purchase of a Sierra Vista Labradoodle or Goldendoodle:

  • Spay/neuter (puppies will be de-sexed prior to delivery unless specifically purchased for breeding purposes). $400-600 value
  • 2 Veterinary exams/1st set of puppy shots and 2 de-wormings. $120 value
  • Puppy Training Materials $25 value
  • Micro-chip (to assist in recovery if the dog is lost or stolen). $50 value
  • Puppy starter kit (collar, leash, food, toy etc) $25 value
  • Pedigree (3-5 generation).
  • 26 month Genetic Health Warrantee.
  • Ongoing support and consultation regarding puppy raising, training etc.

    Please Note:

    • We reserve no more than 6 spaces before a litter is born (the average sized litter is 6-8 pups)
    • Sierra Vista Labradoodles reserves the right to make changes of either stud, dam or both as required by the needs of our breeding program.
    • We also reserve the right to retain any breeding quality pups from any litter in order to keep or exchange as needed for our breeding program.

Sierra Vista's Health Warranty

Our breeding dogs undergo a variety of health testing (OFA or Pennhip, CERF, elbows, patellas, vWd and thyroid) prior to breeding. We strive to breed healthy and sound family pets. Your puppy will come with a 7 day general health warranty and a 26 month genetic health guaranty.

Just as two healthy human parents have the potential to have a child with a genetic disorder, even health tested breeding dogs can produce a pup with a genetic health problem. Should your puppy develop a life-threatening/life-altering genetic health issue within the first 26 months we will reimburse veterinary costs up to the purchase price of the dog.


The Breeder-Owner Partnership

Puppies in pen at 6 weeksOur responsibility to you:
  • Your puppy will be in good health when you receive him or her. To ensure your satisfaction of this, you will be required to have your puppy examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving him/her. You will receive copies of all pertinent health records for your puppy, including vaccination record.
  • We will be available to answer questions and provide consultation during the life of your doodle.
  • If for any reason you are no longer able to care for your Sierra Vista doodle we ask that you to return the dog to us so that we may find him/her a new home.

Your responsibility to us:

  • We expect that you will have a realistic understanding of the responsibilities of dog ownership (puppy behavior: chewed leather shoes, barking, housebreaking etc). Owning a dog is a big commitment. The life span of a labradoodle can range from 12-15 years. There are many costs associated with dog ownership including; food, health care, toys, license, grooming etc.
  • We require that you bring puppy to your vet within 72 hrs to confirm to your satisfaction that your puppy is in good health.
  • As difficult as it may be, we will ask you to resist the temptation to show off your puppy in public (pet store, park, any place frequented by many other dogs) until he/she has completed the full round of puppy shots. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to contracting parvovirus and other contagious illnesses during this time.
  • Doodles are well known for their great personalities and intelligence. However, every dog must be trained to live within the rules of your house and family. Training requires a good deal of time and patience. We strongly recommend the use of a crate for house training and attendance at a puppy obedience class, especially if you have not previously trained a dog.
  • We ask for a commitment from you to return the dog to us if for any reason you are unable to care for your doodle. We want to ensure that none of our dogs ever end up in a shelter.

Pictures of past litters:

Sunny Neptune pups


One of Sunny's chocolate boys.


Zoe pups



Our Guardian Family Program

Sierra Vista Labradoodles and Goldendoodles is a small breeding program dedicated to breeding great family dogs. Our dogs live and sleep in our house with our family. They are involved in our daily life and our community. We believe that all dogs deserve to be a part of their own family and to live within a loving home where they will receive the care and attention they need.

What is a Guardian Family?

A guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for a Sierra Vista breeding doodle throughout his/her breeding career. In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family when the dog is retired from his/her breeding career.

What are the requirements for becoming a Guardian Family?

Guardian families must:

  • live within a 75 mile radius of Sierra Vista Labradoodles (Davis CA),
  • have a home with a fenced-in yard,
  • have prior experience owning/raising/training a puppy/dog,
  • understand the issues involved with caring for an intact male or female and be willing to assume those responsibilities,
  • be willing to have the dog return to us as needed throughout the year to be brought in for veterinary appointments, be bred, give birth and raise puppies. Female breeders will stay with us for approximately 2 months following the birth of their litter.
  • be willing to be actively involved in communicating with us regarding the general health and well being of the dog.


If you are interested in Guardian Family program, please contact us at . We will ask you to fill out an application. Qualified applicants will be contacted to arrange for an interview. We want Guardian Families to have a chance to fully understand what raising a breeding dog entails. In turn, we do a thorough screening of each Guardian Home to ensure the best placement possible for each of our dogs.




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