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About the Labradoodle


In Australia in the 1980’s, the Guide Dogs Victoria bred a standard poodle named Harley to a Labrador retriever named Brandy in a deliberate attempt to provide a blind client with a dog that her allergy-plagued husband could tolerate. It was hoped that the puppies would be a mix of the wonderful “eager to please” temperament of the lab and the allergy-friendliness of the poodle. Out of three puppies one had the qualities needed to be a successful guide dog with an allergy-friendly coat. Thus was born the “Labradoodle”.

Since that time various breeders have continued to breed Labradoodles. Breeders either breed first generation labradoodles, a Labrador retriever to poodle (known as F1s) or multi-generational labradoodles, labradoodle to labradoodle (known as multigens or “double-doodles”). Each has important qualities they bring to the breed. F1s provide hybrid vigor and new genes into a breed that needs a wider genetic pool. Multigens bring some consistency of allergy-friendliness, coat, color and size.

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About the Goldendoodle


Goldendoodles are a hybrid cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles.  Much like the labradoodle, they have been bred for their wonderful temperaments and their allergy friendly coats.   We became intrigued with goldendoodles when, in our research, we noted that the Goldendoodle has a higher percentage of non-shedding coats and allergy-friendliness in the first generation than the labradoodle.  Since one of the goals of our breeding program is to achieve allergy-friendly coats, we expanded our focus to include F1 (poodle x golden retriever) and F1B (first cross goldendoodle x poodle) goldendoodles.

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General Doodle Information:


There are three types of coats that a doodle may have.

Wool — curlier like a poodle, generally non-shedding, usually the best for those with allergies. Requires some maintenance daily if kept long.

Fleece — curly or wavy longer fur that is soft to the touch. May or may not shed. Tends to be allergy-friendly. Requires high maintenance during puppy to adult transition time and perhaps as an adult.

Hair — more like a Retriever coat. May or may not shed, the least certain for allergy sufferers. Requires little to no maintenance.


Doodles come in three sizes. Weights vary with the males being on the larger end of the range given.
Standards — 21 to 24 inches, 45-77 lbs
Mediums — 17 to 20 inches, 30-45 lbs
Miniatures — 12 to 16- inches, 20-35 lbs


Doodles come in many colors; Chalk, Cream, Apricot/Cream, Gold, Red, Chocolate, Café, Black, Silver and Blue (a Black recessive).

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